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Charlotte de Witte at Ancient Messene

today 25/02/2021my_locationAncient Theater at Messene

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The world’s No.1 Dj of techno and house music scene, Charlotte de Witte will be in Greece to perform a game-changing DJ set. Plug in your speakers or headphones, open your screen, and enter the Onassis Channel on YouTube or the Onassis Stegi Facebook page to lose yourself in an exhilarating surge of contemporary electronic music, broadcast from the ancient theater at Messene in a live dj set. Feel the unexpected. Connected to the past. Electrified by the future. Dance the electro vibes.

Charlotte de Witte, the DJ phenomenon who dethroned Carl Cox, fears no challenge, sleeps still less, and raises new heights to conquer. With her boundless energy, uncompromising and driving techno music, loyal fanbase, and 1.5 million-plus followers on Instagram, she continues to thrill clubbers across the globe not only at the world’s biggest festivals and events, but also at underground venues and parties.

In a place where the ancient stays ever vital and new, ready to waken the senses and trigger novel ideas about how we live or how we would like to live – a place set in among the ancient agora, the city walls, the Temple of Asklepios, and the Arsinoe Fountain – the sound of today erupts to completely redefine not only how we listen, but also how we see.

Even though live events with audiences have been suspended, Charlotte de Witte stays true to the beat of her own drum, creating a new online journey for her fans: travelling to Greece to give herself over to the other-worldly energy of an historic age-old place in order to engulf it herself in turn, like a storm, with her beats, her intensity, her uncompromising music.

Begin 25/02/2021 H 20:00
End 25/02/2021 H 21:00
Location Ancient Theater at Messene
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